Workplace Investigations

Allegations/complaints in the workplace environment benefit from an early, independent and thorough investigation of the charges.

Kronick Workplace Investigations attorneys draw on decades of labor and employment law expertise to conduct prompt, thorough and defensible investigations into allegations/complaints of potential workplace misconduct. Our Workplace Investigations attorneys have handled hundreds of high-profile and sensitive investigations on behalf of public entities and private employers, including but not limited to, investigations of senior management and corporate executives, directors of public agencies, school superintendents, public and private employees, teachers, and students. Our approach to investigations places a premium on the important issues of timeliness, privacy, and confidentiality to help minimize the damaging effects of workplace allegations/complaints and restore employee morale and productivity.

Kronick attorneys work closely with clients to conduct investigations that are tailored to the client’s needs while maintaining the objectivity such investigations require. This includes conducting recorded interviews and providing digital copies and transcriptions of those interviews, reviewing all relevant documentation, and preparing a final investigation report that documents all evidence gathered during the investigation along with all findings supported by that evidence.



    Speaking Engagements



    Speaking Engagement


    Managing the Chronically Absent Employee


    September 18-19


    McClellan Conference Center, Sacramento


    Sacramento Area Human Resource Association (SAHRA)


    Kronick is pleased to again sponsor SAHRA’s Annual Conference on September 18-19, 2018 in Sacramento. Senior Counsels Rex Berry and Susana Solano will discuss the employer’s rights and obligations when dealing with an employee requesting leaves or accommodation under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), the Americans with Disabilities Act, Federal Family and Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act, Workers’ Compensation Act and other applicable laws. Attendees will receive instruction in the requirements of these various laws, and options for working with the impacted employees.


    Please visit the event website for more information.