Energy Projects

No matter what your needs, we can help energize your project.

Energy projects are increasingly important to maintaining our quality of life – it is also increasingly difficult to navigate through the regulatory and financial gauntlet to reach success. Kronick attorneys help you succeed in keeping or getting your energy project on the grid. We know our way around the CPUC, CEC, FERC and the myriad of other regulatory agencies scrutinizing your project. We help navigate the local agency entitlement process and environmental permitting agencies, too. In short, we are plugged into the agencies impacting your project.

Our clients, both public and private power generators, know they can rely on the collective expertise of KMTG attorneys to help them with all their energy matters, from buying or selling an energy asset to reviewing the status of entitlements, permits and title of the property or project, to creating and reviewing sophisticated purchase and sale agreements. Our tax and business specialists can also help make sure your purchase or sale does not get zapped by taxes or other regulatory nightmares, and our bond experts can even help secure the financing of your project.

We know that California has no shortage of laws and agencies in the energy field. Let us worry about navigating those, so you can concentrate on what you do best – generating power for the rest of us.