Water Law

Is water essential to your success?

It is to ours. Since its founding in 1959, Kronick has been recognized statewide for its unsurpassed expertise in water rights and water resources law. Our accomplished team of water attorneys advises clients on the multitude of laws and regulations that govern water use in California. Our water and natural resources practice includes unique expertise in groundwater .

Kronick successfully assists both public and private entities in obtaining, developing and protecting their rights to quality, reliable water supplies. Increasingly, this involves negotiating complex regulatory and environmental laws that govern water diversion, use and management. Kronick attorneys understand and have dealt successfully with the regulatory agencies and courts at all levels concerning every aspect of water from water rights acquisition to the drafting of contracts for water transfers, to environmental protection and State and federal water quality laws.



    Speaking Engagements



    Speaking Engagement


    Legal and Institutional Management Framework

    DATE: Thursday, February 7


    Water Education Foundation


    Kronick attorney Holly Roberson will be presenting on “Legal and Institutional Management Framework ” at Water 101 Workshop on February 7 at McGeorge. The workshop covers the history, geography, legal and political facets of water in California as well as hot topics currently facing the state. Holly will cover include:

    Water Management Institutions

    • California Department of Water Resources/State Water Project
    • State Water Resources Control Board/Regional Water Quality Control Boards
    • Bureau of Reclamation/Central Valley Project
    • Fish and Wildlife Resource Agencies
    • Delta Stewardship Council
    • California Water Commission
    • Delta Conservancy
    • Regional and Local Water Districts
    • CPUC-regulated Water Districts

    Summary of Governing Laws

    • Clean Water Act
    • Safe Drinking Water Act
    • Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act
    • Endangered Species Acts – State and Federal
    • Environmental Review Laws – State and Federal
    • Delta Reform Act


    Please visit the event website for more information.



    Speaking Engagement


    Sustainable Groundwater Planning in California


    July 26-27, 2018



    Sacramento, CA

    Organized By:

    Law Seminars International (LSI)

    Program Overview:

    Kronick attorneys Scott Morris, Jonathan Christy and Holly Roberson will present at the Sustainable Groundwater Planning conference in Sacramento on July 26-27.

    Scott will provide opening remarks as Program Co-Chair and participate in a panel discussion about “Cross-Boundary Flows and Basin Coordination” discussing the legal issues around coordination challenges and issues (a) within a groundwater basin, (b) with adjacent basins, and (c) when an adjacent basin is on the critical list and yours is not; essential terms for coordinating agreements.

    Jonathan’s presentation will discuss financing options and strategies for GSA/GSP and what GSP developers and stakeholders need to know about constraints and viable pathways.

    Holly’s panel will discuss legal parameters for working with Tribes as sovereigns, including requirements for Tribal consultation.


    Please visit the event website for more information and to register.