General Municipal

The depth and experience of our public agency practice make us a leader in the State of California. We understand the evolving complexity of laws and regulations impacting public agencies and the challenges that they bring to public officials trying to implement projects and enhance their communities. To assist our clients, we draw on years of collective experience and expertise from attorneys who have been serving as both general and special counsel to public agencies throughout California. This collaboration translates into efficient, comprehensive service for our clients in all areas of public agency law, including governance, statutory powers, public contracts and construction, environmental laws and regulations, land use, employment and labor, public finance, and litigation.

For more than five decades, Kronick has assisted cities, counties, special districts and local and state government agencies in all aspects of their legal powers, duties and responsibilities. Whether a situation calls for preventative counseling, skillful negotiation, forceful advocacy or financial guidance, our clients know they can rely on Kronick to quickly and confidently marshal the legal, political and financial solutions they need in order to move their projects and policies forward in the most timely and cost-conscious manner achievable.

Kronick’s dedication to its clients is evident in our ongoing efforts to keep them abreast of changes and trends in the law through timely published Legal Alerts, seminars and workshops. The many long-standing relationships we enjoy with our clients attest to our cost-consciousness, accessibility and effectiveness.