Appeals and Writs

Kronick appellate attorneys capitalize on years of experience prosecuting and defending appeals in both federal and state appellate courts to guide clients efficiently and successfully through even the most complicated appellate proceedings. Our appellate and writ attorneys have the knowledge and experience to address every step of the appellate process, from the beginning stages of record preparation through briefing and oral argument. When the need for emergency stays or original writs arise and time is of the essence, we have the means and experience to pursue writ relief expeditiously and effectively.

Kronick attorneys have successfully represented clients at every level of the federal and state appellate courts including the California Courts of Appeal, the California Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.

Kronick’s breadth of appellate experience provides us the ability to analyze and present the most complex issues of law or fact presented on appeal. In addition, Kronick appellate and writ specialists are able to draw on the firms breadth of expertise in such substantive legal areas as water, environmental, labor and employment, education, real estate and land use, eminent domain, banking, corporate and business, construction, and complex litigation in handling any appeal.