Summer Law Clerks

Your talent, desire for challenge and drive for excellence has brought you to a crossroads where you will decide the path that launches your legal career in what kind of lawyer you will become and the life you will lead. Your “second summer” experience is a critical step down that path.

At Kronick, we provide a rich summer experience designed around three core principles:

  • Providing challenging legal work that provides each clerk with the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities with respect to legal and factual analysis, writing, oral presentation, time management and multitasking, client interaction, and ability to work well as a team member.
  • Ensuring broad exposure to the firm’s diverse areas of practice and to the individual personalities that define our firm’s overall personality.
  • Providing a realistic work experience that enables the firm and each law clerk to undertake an honest assessment of whether our firm is the right fit.

To ensure that each summer law clerk takes maximum advantage of our 10- to 12-week clerking program, we assign an associate to mentor each clerk over the course of the summer. Mentor assignments are made during the formal orientation component of our summer program. The mentor relationship provides our clerks with the kind of informal advice and guidance that helps clerks settle into our program quickly and comfortably, and arranges assignments from firm attorneys.

Our objective is to ensure that each clerk receives regular feedback on their performance and that the firm has a substantial body of completed assignments and evaluations upon which to make offer decisions at the conclusion of the summer program. Offer decisions typically are made in late August.

In addition to traditional legal research and writing, we ensure our summer clerks have opportunities to observe and participate in working and social events outside of the office. Working events include depositions, court hearings, client meetings, seminars and other marketing events. Social events include local receptions and seminars for Sacramento-area summer law clerks and young lawyers, among other activities.

What Our Summer Law Clerks Learn

Starting in private practice at Kronick means joining a team led by experienced attorneys who are recognized leaders in their fields. Our preeminent reputation and record of success attracts a diversity of clients with legal challenges that demand creativity, intellectual precision and the competitive drive to surmount whatever challenges arise in the pursuit of our clients’ objectives. Kronick’s recruiting philosophy is to locate the highest qualified individuals and provide them with the guidance and support needed to take on work directly with clients on significant legal matters. Our objective is to help each new associate attorney mature and grow into a firm owner who will help lead Kronick into the future, but still leaves room for you to invest meaningful time in yourself, your family, your community and whatever personal endeavors you choose to enrich your life.

Our commitment to balanced living starts with a billing standard that ensures an appropriate work pace for training and developmental purposes, that supports each associate and the firm financially, and that allows every attorney to pursue meaningful ventures outside the law. At Kronick, we mean what we say about our billed hours standard being “a commitment to balanced living.”

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