Environmental and Natural Resources Law

We help you work with environmental regulations to make your project a success. Our environmental law practice includes unique expertise in water, climate change and energy projects. 

Environmental laws reflect a value important to Kronick’s clients — good stewardship of the environment and sensitivity to environmental needs. California is blessed with stunning natural resources, as well as a growing population and a vigorous economy. California’s legislators and regulatory agencies are active in adopting laws and regulations intended to protect the environment while also allowing for economic activity and growth, but with mixed success. The laws and the agencies responsible for administering them can sometimes present a dense and seemingly arbitrary thicket of regulations burdening even projects with significant environmental benefits. Kronick attorneys have decades of experience working with clients and technical consultants to develop and implement strategies that enable clients to meet environmental laws, as well as successfully complete a project.

One increasingly significant requirement for our clients is environmental review under CEQA or NEPA. Through our representation of public agency clients, as well as private clients involved in projects requiring agency approvals, Kronick attorneys have considerable experience ensuring that review documents meet the requirements of law. Another area of major importance to our clients is regulation of the use of their lands, including wetlands and gravel extraction regulations. For clients who own, or may be acquiring, properties with a history of industrial use, remedying the consequences of past disposal practices and limiting exposure to liability remain a concern. Kronick attorneys regularly represent clients in such matters before environmental regulatory agencies, with a focus on helping clients comply with these requirements while achieving their objectives.

While we strive to help our clients avoid litigation through careful planning and positions well grounded in the facts and the law, sometimes litigation is forced upon them by others, or they must initiate litigation to protect their interests. In those situations, Kronick attorneys bring extensive experience in environmental litigation in the state and federal courts, whether in defending or challenging regulatory agency decisions, or seeking cost recovery for clean up of contaminated property.