Applications Now Being Accepted for Temporary Commercial Cannabis Licenses

Pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 26050.1, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (the Bureau) has launched its online portal, accepting applications for temporary licenses including licensing retailers, distributors, testing labs, and microbusinesses.

If issued, the license will be effective January 1, 2018, and be valid for 120 days. An applicant is required to demonstrate compliance with the local codes and rules. A reviewing local agency, such as a city or county, will have 10 days upon notice of such application to inform the Bureau whether the applicant is actually in compliance.

Once the Bureau is ready to accept and process annual permits (it is not yet ready), an applicant is not required to demonstrate compliance with local rules. However, if an applicant proactively submits evidence of local compliance in an annual license application, the Bureau will still notify the city or county and allow it 10 days to respond. If an applicant does not submit evidence of local compliance, the Bureau will notify the city or county of the pending application and offer the local agency 60 days to respond. If the local agency responds that the applicant is not compliant, the Bureau will not issue a license.

An applicant may seek multiple licenses (some which will need to designate medical (M) or adult (A) use. The only license which cannot be combined with any other license is a testing/laboratory license.

Please make sure that your agency has identified a point of contact with the Bureau. This can be done through accessing their website at

If you have any questions, contact Mona Ebrahimi ( | 916.321.4597).