Sonoma County’s Groundwater Sustainability Agencies Select Kronick as General Counsel

Kronick is pleased to announce its recent appointment of Scott Morris as General Counsel by each of Sonoma County’s Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs): Santa Rosa Plain GSA, Sonoma Valley GSA, and Petaluma Valley GSA. Each GSA is a unique legal entity and will have its own contract with Kronick.

Mr. Morris has provided general legal services, and special legal services, to public agencies throughout California for over 20 years. He focuses on water resources, land use, and other natural resources matters in his practice. In additional to providing general counsel legal services, Mr. Morris advises clients on issues related to water rights, water transfers, groundwater law (including SGMA), environmental law, hazardous materials, and mining and development permits. Prior to entering the legal profession, he worked as a civil engineer for 12 years — experience that he frequently finds invaluable in assisting clients.

Maggie Stern will support Mr. Morris as Assistant General Counsel by providing support in the key areas of governance. Eric Robinson will provide support on special projects involving water and environmental law and will also serve as Assistant General Counsel.

As California’s water law and policies evolve, Kronick remains at the forefront, assisting public water agencies and others in shaping those laws and policies and in developing and implementing strategies to achieve client objectives while complying with new laws and policies. Our water resources attorneys collaborated with clients and other members of the public water agency sector to help shape the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (“SGMA”), and we are now assisting public agencies with formation of GSAs and preparation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans (“GSPs”).

About Sonoma County’s Groundwater Sustainability Agencies

The Santa Rosa Plain GSA is a public agency formed to sustainably manage groundwater in the Santa Rosa Plain groundwater basin. The Sonoma Valley GSA is a newly-formed public agency and its purpose is to secure groundwater sustainability for the Sonoma Valley groundwater basin. The Petaluma Valley GSA is a public agency formed to sustainably manage groundwater in the Petaluma Valley groundwater basin.

About Kronick

Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard is a full-service law firm with offices in Northern and Southern California. One of the firm’s many unique qualities is our representation of both public and private clients which provides our attorneys with valuable perspective and enables us to foresee potential issues before they arise, to be proactive and outsmart opposing counsel. Having both practices under one roof allows us to collaborate and to improve our clients’ best chance of success.

Media Contact: Heather Ward