Experienced trial and appellate lawyers you can trust with even the most complex matters.

Kronick trial and appellate lawyers are a powerful and proven asset to our clients. We know how to obtain quick, cost-effective resolution of civil disputes, and we work hard to help clients avoid litigation. When litigation is necessary or advantageous for our clients, we have the means and experience to effectively prosecute or defend our client’s case before every level of state and federal court.

Our litigation practice includes unique expertise in appeals and writs.

Kronick attorneys have successfully represented clients in federal and state trial courts, the California Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court, and a wide range of federal and State administrative tribunals. With the technologies and processes in place to handle massive documentation requirements, and with the ability to effectively navigate the appeals process when necessary, our clients know that Kronick trial lawyers can be relied upon to tenaciously pursue their goals through almost any litigation circumstance.