Fair Labor Standards Act Boot Camp

Organized By:

California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA) 

Program Overview:

Kronick is pleased to again sponsor the 2017 CALPELRA Annual Conference in Monterey. Recent developments such as the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Flores v. City of San Gabriel and the Department of Labor’s new EAP regulations, the implementation of which was halted as a result of a nationwide injunction, has brought new attention to the importance of understanding FLSA concepts such as the method for calculating regular rate of pay and the various items of compensation that must be included in that calculation; the requirements for the EAP exemptions; and special FLSA concepts for public employers such as 7(k) schedules and CTO. Kronick Shareholder David Tyra will discuss these FLSA concepts and others as well as recent developments of importance to public employers.

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